We are glad to announce the first Mobile GWO Training Platform in Ukraine.
OWLAQ and IRUN have been partnered to provide GWO training at your address. It is called as ON-THE -JOB Training.
With years of experience in the wind and construction industries, IRUN and OWLAQ deliver GWO approved, technical and specialized Mobile Training Platform as the first and only in Ukraine.
We offer GWO training at your workplace, via our unique Mobile Training Platform and by our extensively trained and experienced instructors who have a deep understanding of the industry and major turbine manufacturer requirements.
The training will be conducted at your workshop, at your parking area or anywhere you like. You will call us and we will drive our Mobile Platform built-in on the truck to your address. That is cost-cut, more efficient and time saving opportunity especially during pandemic restrictions. The additional advantages are less administration, lower travel and accommodation costs, and more trainees can be put through mobile training.
To learn more, please contact us:


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