Ukrenergo / Met Grup



500 KV OHL, Donska-Donbass, Lugansk and Donetsk region.

– To extend the lifetime of the line 500 Kv Donska – Donbas (from Op. No 795 – Up to HCJ 500 KV SS 750 Kv “Donbass”);
-To protect the line from Lightning Overvoltage replacement of by two OPGW conductors (Fiber optic cable built-in lightning and steel rope);
-Implementation of the easel part of the FOCL on the SUBSTATION 500 Kv “Kreminska”, on the SUBSTATION 750 Kv “Donbass”, on the SUBSTATION 220 Kv “Jubilee”

All works on OHL 500 kv Donska – Donbass (hereinafter-PL) are carried out in accordance with the agreed of the schedule of dismantling the OHL. The customer provides for the SHUTDOWN of the OHL, as reported by the participant (contractor) in advance (in the period not later than 10 days before the scheduled SHUTDOWN of the OHL).
The impact class of construction projects: СС3 class – significant consequences.

Irun Contribution: Guidance to participate and win Ukrenergo tender, project management, material supply, logistic, site compund establishment, owner’s engineering, staffing, excavation and foundation repairing works.

Project Cost : 57.000.000 UAH