Guris A.S / Ovid Wind LLC




Ovid Wind Power Plant is the first wind plant in Odessa Oblast with 9 General Electric 3.6 MW turbines with a hub height of 131.4 m and a blade diameter of 137 m., developped, permitted and constructed by Guris A.S.

IRUN Contribution

Direct Project Management, including but not limited to;

►Wind yield assessment, micro-siting, layout optimization including 2nd stage and 3rd Stage WPP,

►Conducting WTG supply tendering, Attending to Turbine Supply Agreement (TSA) negotiation

►Design review/correction, based on best industrial practice and considering/adopting to the local norms

►Preparing BoQs, Opening tenders for both the OEMs and Sub-contractors,

►Conducting Contract negotiations, effectuate Particular Conditions

►Leading the construction activities, including eBoP, cBoP, S/S and E.T.L works,

►Contract management, contractor management, claim management,

►Market/Vendor research, material procurement as per the tech specs,

►Monitoring the construction activities based on the major Work Schedule,

►Test and commissioning of the WPP,

►Leading the activities for applying and obtaining green certificates and licenses as privileged producer

Project Cost: 56.000.000 €