Parliament has completed the consideration of the draft Law of Ukraine on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning the conditions of turnover of agricultural lands #2178-10.

According to the updated version of the document, from the second half of 2021, the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land is lifted.

The opening of the land market is scheduled for July 1, 2021.

The main provisions of the adopted bill:

– until January 1, 2024, only individuals who are Ukrainian citizens will be eligible to buy land;

– admission of foreigners to the purchase of land on the territory of Ukraine will be possible only after the relevant decision is taken through a national referendum;

– agricultural lands of state and communal property will not be sold;

– the sale of land in one hand in the first two years after the start of the land reform is limited to 100 hectares;

– as of January 1, 2024, Ukrainian legal entities will be allowed to buy land at a concentration of no more than 10 thousand hectares;

– payment for the purchase of plots will be made only in noncash transfers;

– banks may own land plots within the limits of collateral; such plots should be disposed through the auction within two years;

– legal entities, whose members are citizens of the aggressor state, individuals against whom sanctions are imposed are prohibited to purchase land, even if a referendum is held;

– foreign citizens are forbidden to purchase land in the 50 km zone from the state border of Ukraine, regardless of the decision adopted through the referendum;

– the sale price of agricultural land plots cannot be lower than their normative monetary valuation; such a standard will be in effect until January 1, 2030.

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